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How It Works

Tree Leadz is not your average digital marketing agency or your average lead service. We have developed a system that caters towards the tree service industry and we have the results to back it up.  You wouldn’t hire a plumber or an electrician to remove a tree, so why would you hire just a regular digital marketing agency to handle your marketing. You’ll be getting exclusive leads for Tree service by availing our thorough marketing services.  Our success program has doubled the monthly revenue of our Tree Service clients and our ultimate goal is to position your tree service business as the go to expert in your local area. 

Landing Page

We understand the tree service industry and create a customized website that meets all of the prerequisites and attracts your ideal client. We tailor all our services as per the latest tree leads today.

Customer Appointments

Our success program utilizes a booking system, so all you have to do is show up to your scheduled phone appointment and do what you do best, provide tree services.

Targeted Ads

We advertise your services on various social media platforms. Just think of it as a digital billboard that travels with your future client. This process not only obtains leads but provides brand awareness for your tree service business in your local area. We at Tree Leadz marketing adopt thorough and tailored strategies for effective outcomes.

Reporting and Consulting

You’ll be receiving well-detailed reports of your digital marketing campaigns and have the opportunity to have one-on-one calls with our team to assess results and strategy.


Exclusive Leads

The leads that belong to you will remain confidential. None of your leads will be shared. Our work is exclusive for you. The zip codes you provide us for your company are exclusively your zip codes, meaning that we will not use those zip codes for any other tree companies. With our constant updated tree leads today, you’ll enjoy the exclusive and most effective benefits.

Marketing Strategy

We can focus your marketing all the way down to sub-divisions of the zip codes of your choice. Hence, we will help you to target to the specific areas and spots where you want to work. Contact us now to start receiving exclusive leads.

Marketing Comparison

Unlike common advertising methods such as coupon packs, online advertising such as Google and pay-per-click, lead referral services and direct mail postcards, our streamlined and transparent process allows for you to connect with your leads immediately and directly. We put our full effort to offer you maximum leads for Tree service in your business.

Tree Leadz Success Program

The main advantage is that all your leads are 100% exclusive, and you always will be ahead of your competition. The cost-per-lead value is more budget-friendly than any other means of advertisement. You will certainly feel confident about us when you contact our clients across the country. Tree Leadz marketing will bring you the much-needed success that you deserve.



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