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5 tips for using Google My Business to attract new customers to your tree service

The Google My Business listing is one of the most effective tree service marketing tools available now. Also, its completely free to arrange. The biggest advantage of working your business with Google My Business is that you attain exposure in Google Search and Google Maps. This paves way to a steady incline of your customers.
From pay-per-click ads to social media and email marketing, there are tons of different tree service marketing, all of which are capable of yielding results. But at what cost? You need to give emphasis to platforms that generate a never-ending flow of potential leads and Google is unquestionably the best choice. The key is to be at the helm of the search results of the local customers.
Most entrepreneurs pretend that they only need to create a GMB listing and relax and leads would just swoop into their palms. That’s a grave mistake. Google, being the most popular search engine, is the arena of highest competition and the only way to be ahead of the curve is to optimize your profile.
This is where we come in. Our tree service marketing agency specializes in delivering our clients the most impressions, click-throughs, website traffic, leads and tree service customers – all from Google My Business.

1. Optimize Your Listing for Search and Maps

We aim to gain maximum exposure on Google Search and Google Maps, when we optimize your GMB listing for the best SEO results. You cannot just simply enter the contact details and let the GMB listing do nothing. A website URL, phone number, and address alone will not help you get the organic exposure that you are after.
SEO of tree service is a perennial procedure. The work does not cease even once the top position is achieved. Continuous optimization is vital. The key is to maintain the top position as long as possible.

2. Set Up Dedicated GMB Contact Information (for Tracking Purposes)

After putting all your effort into SEO and email and social media marketing, it is essential to understand what are the returns from all the marketing effort. Also, when you identify the channels that are leading customer acquisition at the lowest cost, then you can spend less effort on those and direct your effort to the channels that bring about customer acquisition in favour of you.
Creating contacts entirely for your GMB is essential in understanding what leads and sales originated from your GMB lasting. Also, a website URL that features UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) parameters will help you identify and analyse all of your website traffic that comes from Google My Business.
It is quite easy to attach UTM identifiers to the end of your website address and it doesn’t have any negative impacts. Doing this, enables us to first detect all traffic from your GMB listing and track its path.
This is something we help you implement. It’s just important that you understand why this strategy is so important. The more data we have, the better we can make adjustments moving forward that result in more leads and customers for your tree service company.

3. Focus on Attracting New Google My Business Tree Service Reviews

A local customer comes across your services online and is hooked in. What may be the first thing he/she is going to do? Reading your recent tree service Google reviews and taking an educated business decision. Having recent reviews for potential customers to read makes them your customers. Getting ranked at the top of Google is good and it will attract more customers but all of this is a waste of efforts if it doesn’t get you more customers. Remember, their goal is to provide users with the most helpful and accurate information. Businesses with a lot of strong recent reviews are favoured by the algorithm of the search engine, as they appear to offer service that was well-received by their most recent customers.

4. Add a “Services” Listing

You can make use of a feature that GMB has to offer that enables you to add menu to your profile that allows you to rectify all inquiries regarding price quotes on services that have a standard price. This menu allows you to list “services” and the cost of each service. However, if you are linked out to a third-party service link, this will not be possible. But gladly, this doesn’t obviously apply to a tree service company. We implement every step possible to optimize your GMB listing, so as to direct all the leads and potential clients in your way.

5. Publish Frequent Posts

Content marketing is part of our tree service search engine optimization effort, but we tend to publish on your company’s website.
Some facts about GMB posts.

Like everything, consistency is key here. We constantly post to help improve traffic and click-through rates.