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Use these 3 types of Google Ads to Market Your Tree Service

Basically, you have to understand that your competition is also using Google to market, and might even be bidding on your brand name in order to literally steal business away from you, unsuspectedly.

A shrewd competitor could be bidding on your business via an AdWords pay-per-click campaign, whilst your business name might be ranked organically. Most of the time, paid results are ranked above the organic ones, paving way for the situation where potential customers searching for your business might actually land in the laps of your competition. Essentially, you would be doing all the work for your competition.

The Google Ads Platform Explained

Google Ads is often denoted to as pay-per-click, which essentially means your tree service business should only pay for each click of an ad. If your ad campaigns are optimized more frequently, more impressions and clicks will be received, which ultimately translates to more leads for your tree service business.
Your ads will be visible on Google search results, YouTube and millions of other websites that are part of the Google Display Network (GDN). This reach gives you the opportunity to be seen by local customers who require the expert services your business provides. Here are the three types of Google Ads that might provide leverage of your tree service marketing campaign.

1. Google Search Ads

Commonly known as PPC, search ads are the most common Google Ads format. The basic objective behind a tree service PPC campaign is to target the local customers in your preferred area that are on Google search for the exact services you provide.
These are typically local searches that have a high probability of buyer-intent. This is the most common tree service PPC strategy when it comes to paid ads. Many tree service businesses give Google PPC a try but they end up with less than what they desired if they are not working with an experienced firm that are experts in marketing tree service businesses.

2. Google Local Service Ads

One of the most effective way to generate leads is Google Local Service Ads. These leads help you to establish contact with them when their demands are their peak.
The most attractive benefits of Google Local Service Ads:

3. Google Display Ads

Google Display Ads enables you to re-advertise your tree service business to those that have already seen your website. What these ads do is basically “track” the potential customer as they browse online, check their Gmail or browse videos on YouTube. Google’s Display Network (GDN) consists of millions of websites and blogs and includes Google properties like YouTube and Gmail. By conveniently using the GDN, you can target nearly 90 percent of all internet users.
Display ads can be used as a re-marketing strategy to accolade your Google PPC and Local Service Ads campaigns. Every lead you possess may not convert right away the first time they visit your website or landing page. For example, in the occasion of a potential customer visiting one of your landing pages from a PPC ad, we can re-market a parallel offer across the GDN with added incentive to land your business.