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Tree Service Marketing 101: Taking Advantage of Google’s Marketing Tools

If a consumer needs fashion tips where do they turn to for help? Google. If a consumer is in dire need of some tree service firms, where do they look? Google. In short Google is an integral part of a consumer’s everyday life. Marketing tools and platforms that aid you in the marketing campaign of your tree service will be provided by Google.; from SEO and PPC to data and research tools. There are additional advanced tools that Google offers, and we use many of them for our client campaigns.

1. Google Ads (Formerly AdWords) PPC

When it comes to delivering an impressive Return On Investment, Google Ads are the fastest way to go and here are some of the components of Google’s tree service PPC.

2. Google Search Console

SEO is a major component when it comes to tree service marketing, but many don’t consider the technicality of a search engine marketing. Mostly, the main concerns are content marketing, link building and onsite optimization — not broken URL errors, mobile usability issues, etc. Google Search Console gives you with detailed information about your website’s strength, associating with its visibility in the search results. If there are broken URLs and 404 errors you will see them listed here. This helps you to track the search trends of your potential customers and comes up with keywords that are worth pursuing in both your SEO and PPC efforts.

3.Google Ads Keyword Planner

Anytime we design a tree service PPC campaign we know ahead of time what the target lead acquisition cost is, and Google Ads Keyword Planner is a tool that helps us not only estimate what our cost-per-click (CPC) will be for specific keywords, but also what kind of competition each term has.
You can’t base your tree service pay-per-click campaign around keyword volume only — that’s a recipe for failure. Just because a keyword has a lot of searches and traffic potential, it doesn’t mean that it will attract the right kind of traffic or convert into a high quality lead.
While we use this marketing tool mainly for tree service PPC research, it can also be used for keyword research for our SEO needs as well. It’s a free tool that gives you access to data directly from Google.

4.Google My Business

Every single local business needs to have a fully optimized Google My Business profile. This is the most important online directory listing you for your tree service business, as the information in your profile is what Google’s algorithm pulls from for its organic results.
When you search for any local service, like a landscape company or a plumber, the results in the Google Maps section are curated from Google My Business profile data. If you don’t have a profile you will never be shown in the results, but it takes a fully optimized profile for maximum visibility, especially in competitive industries. This is also where you will direct previous customers to leave tree service Google reviews, which also contribute to your ranking in the local map results.
One of the very first steps when creating a local SEO plan is to build out a Google My Business profile that is 100 percent complete and features images, complete contact information and a description that will help push the listing to the top of the local Google Maps search results.

5.Google Analytics

Our main objective is to convert the traffic leads which ultimately translates to customers. Our Search engine marketing is designed to drive this traffic to your tree service website. It is highly requisite you are aware of the source of website traffic and what of it converts to useful leads. Using this data, we are able to optimize the SEO efforts to focus on the sources that not only drive the most traffic, but the highest quality traffic in terms of leads. In depth data is provided by Google Analytics which can be used to shift the performance of an SEO campaign.