Paid Traffic

Paid Traffic


We come up with tailor-made strategies with the long-term picture in mind. We dwell on endowing our clients with the best services for expanding their business. We will design your paid traffic campaigns from scratch to make sure that you are getting the best results of it and always end up generating highly profitable leads. We focus completely on how much revenue we can help you generate. Whether it’s through Tree service Facebook ads or other strategies, we are here to provide you the best solutions

PPC/Google Ads

Pay Per Click Ads can be very complicated. Not only these are very spirited but if not executed correctly, can yield very little results. Ability to analyse the task and a comprehensive familiarity about marketing are handy for its successful execution. Creating the right content for the potential clients goes a long way. Then we track those people during your sales process. Having this data, we augment the implementation of the campaign.

We give emphasis to basic standards which translates to enhancing AdWords campaigns which elevates the ROI advertisement. We adhere to AdWords standards when all our campaigns are planned and executed. Our professional association with Google proves to be helpful as we will be assisted by their representatives when required. This aide our team to be always updated with the latest AdWords advances. At Tree Leadz, our Pay Per Click team has expert engineers and marketing professionals with a impressive skill set that enhances out technical performance and efficient customer services.

Facebook/Instagram Ads

Facebook and Instagram ads management campaigns offer astonishing customization to direct a specific audience and location, who are in dire need for the tree services that you offer. We at Tree Leadz utilize these customizations to develop Tree service Facebook ads or Instagram campaigns. Tree Leadz can guarantee the success in the marketing potential of Facebook to elevate the brand of your company and help to generate result-yielding leads for your business. We expedite all steps for a Facebook ads campaign:



*Creative development; which includes ads and videos

*Audience targeting

*Lead generation



We plan and execute your Facebook campaign leaving room for flexibility. You will always be in control of marketing; choose what you think will be the best for your business. Facebook and Instagram allow you to generate your own leads while giving the market a great installation of brand awareness for your business. Our strategies are carefully planned, so that we are able to produce campaigns that are confirmed to yield successful outcomes!

effective paid ads

With effective paid advertising for your construction company, you will be able to get a very good grasp on the most important numbers and metrics for your business. We make it our goal to help empower our clients with numbers like cost per lead, cost per appointment, and cost per closed deal to help them get a great grasp on what the best investment is to hit their goals.

By the numbers

If a client is looking to get 10 more reroofs a month, and after 60 days of running his/her campaign we have settled on a cost per appointment being close to the $80 range, and his closing ratio is 50%, then we know that on average it will cost $160 for every closed deal. Once our client knows and see’s the real data backing that info up, he will know that to hit his goal of 10 new reroofs a month that he should be investing $1,600 in paid traffic per month.


Schedule a call and one of our tree marketing experts will answer any questions you have and discuss your goals and a marketing strategy that works for your tree service business!